8 Awesome Tips to Make Your Feet and Toenails Look Fabulous

Each day our feet have to go through hard time. All the pressure and the rush of our modern life are tolerated by our feet. Uncomfortable footwear is a constant discomfort and it can cause health issues. Therefore, you need to be careful about your toenails and your feet. You need to take care of them properly. Now, you would think that pedicures and professional treatments are expensive but this is not true. You can easily do them easily at home.

“Spending just 30 minutes on a proper DIY pedicure is one of the most transformative beauty treatments you can do,” says Margaret Dabbs, the expert of foot health. “Not only does a good pedi make your feet look groomed, it’s an instant confidence booster.”

We at Tapoos have made a collection of some very useful tips that might come in handy in taking care of the feet and toenails. They will make your toenails and feet look great.

1. Keep the Feet Dry


The most important thing about feet is keeping them dry. The reason is that the wet feet are vulnerable to fungus in many conditions.

Follow these steps to keep the feet dry:

* Your shoes need to be made of some natural material; it will make the skin breathe.

* Do not wear the same shoes for consecutive days.

* Dry your feet properly using a towel.

2. Trim the Toenails properly


If you do not trim the toenails properly, it can result in ingrown toenails. This is painful.

Follow these steps to protect yourself from pain:

* Trim the toenails in a straight manner. Never make the corners round.

* Avoid making them too short as it may result in the infection or the ingrown toenails.

* Abstain from cutting the cuticles. You can use orange stick to push the cuticles backwards in the base of the nail.

3. Keep the Toenails Healthy


Follow this process to get relief from the pain of ingrown toenails.

* Dip the feet in some warm water for around 15 to 20 minutes. Mix one tablespoon of salt in one-liter water.

* Position a clean dental floss beneath an edge of the nail. Then, move it up slowly.

* Apply antiseptic on the affected area and apply a bandage on the toe to defend it against any infection.

* You need to repeat the process each day.

* Rush to a doctor in case the process doesn’t help or there is an infection.

4. Soak the Feet in Some Warm Water


Dip the feet in some warm water for around 15 to 20 minutes one time each week. It will make the feet look great and the heels will feel like baby soft. You can add several ingredients to enhance the results such as herbal infusions, essential oils and simple salt.

You will need a pumice stone or the foot scrub for the removal of dead and the dry skin cells of the feet.

5. Moisturize the Feet


The best option is to use the creams containing emollients. It may include Vaseline, lanolin and dimethicone along other moisturizing agents like the lecithin and the glycerin. Keep in mind that you must not apply the cream on area between your toes because it may cause fungus.

6. Massage the Feet


If you want a remedy of fatigue, foot massage is your best bet. It improves the circulation of blood and maintains your feet in a good health. You could get yourself a specific massager. Other methods include, placing a tennis ball or some other object of round shape beneath your feet, and then you just need to roll it forward and backward. You will need to it from the heels to the toes.

7. File Hard Skin of Feet


“The most common mistake made during at-home pedicures is to file hard skin while your feet are in water,” says ,” says Margaret Dabbs, the expert of foot health. “When feet are wet, it’s harder to see what areas need filing. Plus, cracked feet can split in water, which can be painful and lead to infection. So, always file on dry skin.”

8. Oil and Polish the Feet


You don’t need foot balms to give your feet a gorgeous look. You can use the foot oil because it will go deeper in the skin. It will not even give the sticky feel of the heavy cream. “Dry oils like emu oil contain moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties,” says Dabbs.

This is great in the holidays because the sun and the sand make the feet look parched.

How to to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

Your body produces lots of sweat during summers. It can change your feet into a stink bomb. Some of us have sweaty feet even in winters, which are quite embarrassing. Here are some sure ways to prevent smell:

1. Don’t use expensive deodorizing sprays and powders. Instead, you can use corn starch and it will absorb all the moisture.

2. You can soak your feet in lukewarm salted water. Do this regularly every day for two weeks.

3. Soak your feet in vinegar water. It will dry the moisture and starve the smell creating bacteria.

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