8 Theories That Prove Time Travel Exists

Sometimes we wish we could be in an older period like the 90s with their slap bands and flannel shirts. Other times our curiosity about tomorrow makes us want to go to the future and find the answers killing us. Will the aliens come to the earth? Will we move to the moon? Times like this make us wish we were in a Herbert Well’s science fiction novel.

Time travel seems like a fantasy but these theories might change your opinion about it. Freaky and weird, but also fascinating that something like this could be true.

8. Hipster time traveler:


British Columbia was hit in early 1900s, resulting in the town’s South Fork Bridge to collapse. On the reopening of the bridge in November 1941 a picture was taken which was showed a totally out of space hipster. Something about his attire didn’t really add up. While everyone in the picture was in suit and ties this ‘Hipster’ was in a casual digital printed shirt. There was no sign of sunglasses on any other person’s face except his. And his small portable camera was there to take pictures of the 20th century to take evidence to the future, maybe.

7. Talking into the future

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Walking down the street with your cellphone attached to the ear is not an uncommon sight nowadays. But if you see someone doing that during the Great Depression in the 30’s it’ll puzzle you. ‘Why is someone talking into a small box?’ it wasn’t until the late 70’s and 80’s that the first wireless phones were introduced and available for public use. Another woman was caught in 1928’s silent film Charlie Chaplin: The Circus talking into a small cellphone-like portable device. If you get a chance to watch the film see it for yourself. So many questions cross our mind. If she’s really talking into the phone then who was on the receiver’s end? Did she have time traveler friends? How’d she get such good reception in the 20’s?

6. Rudolph Fentz


The year was 1950. It was normal day at the Times Square, New York. The businessmen, tourists, shoppers and vendors all busy with their tasks when suddenly a loud thud interrupted their day. The traffic came to a standstill and the passersby became witness to this accident. A man, in a suit from the Victorian Era lied still on the road. The contents in his pockets showed business cards, about 70 dollars in old currency, a letter sent to his address on the fifth avenue in June 1986 and a receipt for a Horse and Buggy-a two-person carriage of the late 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. NYPD looked into the case. They found a Rudolph Fentz Jr. in a telephone book of 1939. Following that they got in touch with Rudolph Jr’s widow who said that her father in law (Rudolph Fentz) had been missing since 1876 when he went for a walk one evening and never returned.

Could it be that Rudolph Fentz walked into the future? Confused by all the hassle in the city, the modern cars, the buildings and alien people he didn’t know where to go to and he got hit by a car? Summing up all the evidences this seems accurate.

5. The time travelling trader


44 year old Andrew Carlson learned the secret to every man’s dream: going back into history to make his future better.

In March 2003, an article on Weekly World announced that a man named Andrew Carlson was arrested on insider trading charges. This strange man only invested 800 dollars and in 2 weeks he was able to gain 350 million dollars. At that time the stock prices were sky high and most investors were losing money. It was no secret in the future that this era was one of the worst times to be buying stocks. But someone armed with knowledge of how it was all going to go down, could make a fortune. Andrew Carlson made 126 high risk trades and didn’t lose a single penny. The US Secretary and Exchange Commission looked into the matter, convinced that this man has access to exclusive information.

Andrew had a different explanation. He claimed to be from the year 2256 (yes, we’re talking AD here). To prove his point he offered Osama Bin Laden’s location, cure for cancer, even a picture with a time machine. What’s stranger is that prior to December 2002 there was no records of this 44 year old. He was up for trial in April but somehow he managed to disappear on his way there and was never seen again.

4. The Chronovisor

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According to author and lawyer Alfred Weber a Chronovisor is television-like device which shows events from history even if they happened a millennia ago. This technology is available to CIA and powerful European governments to help them predict future. As of now, no concrete proof have been found to prove his statements as true but Weber is hopeful for WikiLeaks to disclose this information one day.

3. The man from Taured


Taured? Ever heard about that country? Apparently, a man’s papers in a Japanese airport showed that he’s from a country called Taured. When showed a map he pointed at Andorra, a small country between France and Spain. Authorities held him overnight deciding what to do with him but somehow he was gone.

2. Ancient planes


The Egyptian civilization is still full of mysteries to us. The creation of pyramids, for example. With no hint of technology they managed to stand up massive wonders. Some say they had help from a supernatural power, probably someone from the future. Hieroglyphs found on the face of a pyramid depict images that look a lot like modern day transport-helicopters, rocket ships etc. This made people believe that the Egyptians were in cahoots with time travelers

1. Johnny Depp


The famous actor according to this theory could also be a real life pirate, blacksmith, a centurion or even a caveman. A photograph from the early 1900s shows a man looking just like our famous modern day actor. The resemblance is uncanny.

Time travelling is a really unusual and eerie concept but all these theories could convince you that it is a possibility. How else would you explain men disappearing, pictures of helicopters on centuries old hieroglyphs or pictures of men in the past looking just as young and fresh after a 100 years? Take a moment to absorb all these theories. Whether true or not these made my head spin.