How Many 3s Can You See In This Picture? Take This Test

The human eye is an amazing feat of nature. It allows us to see things and experience color. However, it is not perfect. We can’t see every single detail in what we see, which is why some people wanted to test people’s eyes with a type of puzzle that is known as picture puzzles.

The picture puzzles below will challenge your mind and will force you to think out of the box in some cases. Creative people may find this easier!

Below are four picture puzzles which will give your eyes and your mind a test. See if you can spot each of the required number/shapes in the puzzles below.

Puzzle #1

Tapoos Networks

Puzzle #2

Tapoos Networks


Puzzle #3

Tapoos Networks

Puzzle #4

Tapoos Networks


Answer #1

Tapoos Networks

There are 17 number 3s in this image.

You would at first assume it was in the dial pad only, but you can see that the number dialed in has eight number 3s in it. What’s more is the contact name below also has three number 3s in it. And that’s not all. The dial pad has an extra number 3 in place of the number 8. The numbers present at the very top of the screen are also counted which include the time 3:33 pm having three 3s, and the battery is at 33% having two 3s.

If you wanted to be clever, you could say there were nineteen 3s. To get 19 all, you have to do is add the three Wi-Fi signal bars and the three network dots.

Answer 2

Tapoos Networks

This is a similar question to the first one has a similar solution.

There are nineteen fours. Let’s start at the top.

The first four is in the time. The number dialed in has eight fours. The contact name has three fours in place of all the As. The dial pad has several fours. One four is in the original number four button; the others are in the alphabets under the numbers. Lastly, the tabs at the very bottom have four fours in the words ‘favorites’, ‘contacts,’ ‘keypad,’ and ‘voicemail.’

Answer #3

Tapoos Networks

The number of triangles in this picture needs a steady eye and a creative mind to find them. There are 25 triangles in this image as illustrated in the picture above. You have to use the different lines to make out triangles. However, you might notice that there are 24 triangles in this solution. Well, look at the question image again. You missed the little triangle in the signature!

Answer #4

Tapoos Networks

You’ll need to be creative, and patient to count these squares as there are plenty of them. However, once you’re done, you will end up with the number 40. Any less and you’ve missed some.